2 Chics from the Stix Primitives

2 Chics from the Stix Primitives
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So long chics.............

It has been forever since I have popped on to catch up at all, I am truly sorry for this. Unfortunately there has been a LOT going on here on the homefront and very little of it has been good. A friend of mine was hosting the server for http://www.2chics.biz/ and has literally disapeared so now I am sitting on a webstore that cannot connect *sigh*....I think for the time being I will just concentrate on getting ready for my fall/ winter shows. I apologize to anyone who was looking to shop online- pop me a message at  thetwochics@ymail.com and I will work with you the best I can. Right now I am just trying to get things straightened out here.
  On a good note...the twins will be 16 in less than 2 weeks!! Oh wait....have I gone mad?? 2 girls driving at the same time??? Yikes!! lol I am looking forward to their party, so much preperation- but everything seems to be coming together despite all thats going on around me! Hope to get myself back on track soon and be here smiling once again..Big Squeezes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Breathe.......................................

The decorations have all been put away (well, most anyway) did I ever mention that I am the world's best procrastinator?? The New Year has found it's way in, despite the fact that I was not ready for it what so ever...and here I sit... already almost 1/2 way through the month of January and just now I am taking the time, to just breathe.
  After spending the better part of the last week sick with the flu, I finally mustered up enough strength to go to the Dr.  The flu- they can do nothing for except advise you to sleep and drink lots of fluids, but the strep throat they found won me the title "worst case of strep of the season"...so where's my prize??? haha I guess that nice bottle of antibiotics that has already started to work it's way into my body :) So I do hope that the New Year has started off on a better foot for everyone else!
   On a good note, I did finish a sweet little bunny boy, and am working on his loving gal pal, not sure what I will name them yet as I feel anything but creative at the moment...but they willl be on our website as soon as they are finished. Sttarted cutting out the beginning of another style rabbit, a side view..not sure where I will go with it- as far as finishing it, it's anyones guess at this point of the game, but am looking forward to working rathher then sleeping my days away *sigh*