2 Chics from the Stix Primitives

2 Chics from the Stix Primitives
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The gift of Organazation!!

   I am so excited!! After 7 years I am finally getting the best gift any "crafter" could ask for- my own personalised, ORGANIZED craft/ creating room!!:) I think that this last year must have been the straw that broke DH's back...he is finally building me my DREAM craft room!! I have drawn up pictures of what I want/ need, and let's face it- SHELVES!! haha I need lots and lots of shelving units to stack up all that material that I have collected over the years (you know, the material you just HAVE to buy- either because its  a great deal, or its a print that you just have to have for "something"...and let's not forget the proper depth and size shelves for all the plastic shoebbox bins I have bought over the years that are filled with all the needfuls. I can hardly believe it, that soon I will be organized! I cannot guarantee that I will not spill out into the rest of the house from time to time when things get busy (hehe), but atleast now I will have a place for everything...
   Any suggestions??? I have a huge drafting table that I use for my sewing and also pattern making, the rest if open space (well, will be when I clear out all the temporary shelving and crates I have in there now),,,any one have their dream crafting room already and want to share what works for them or what they would have done different? This is a one time deal and I want to try to incorporate everything I might need. Because this is part of my Christmas gift, I have given him a deadline of January 2, ( you have to understand, I married by builder- therefore my house is always the last to get done) ha!- at this point there is no drywall or even flooring in- so the sky's the limit and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Night all!!

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