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2 Chics from the Stix Primitives
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look's Like we made it!!!

Like the man sang it (Barry Manilow, of course!) Look's like we made it!! haha What a long season we had here at 2 Chics from the Stix Primitives...we were sorely unprepared for the turn around in sales this year as compared to last. I guess people are ready to shop once again! =) Each week I found myself putting in 17 hour days/ nights of sewing  just to try and have enough for the following week's shows. Needless to say, that took it's toll quickly. Thank God for my understanding family, as a Wife, and Mother of twin teenage daughters, I have my hands full enough. But they were so great about helping wherever they could- from stuffing to just keeping up the house work, and just plain putting up with me ;) Putting up with me you ask? haha You have to understand....when I start the "crafting" season it somehow seems' to expand from my already too stuffed office workspace to the basement, and then eventually it always ends up in the kitchen upstairs, and then pours out into the living room, and spills into the dining room. It's like a fuzzy version of the "Blob" slowly moving throughout the house picking up material, and string, polyfill, and needles...it just keeps growing and growing...really a frightening site....you'll have to take my word on this one ;)
  At our last show of this year we attended ELCO High School, and we got a little piece of mentioning in the Lebanon Daily Newspaper...here is the link http://www.blog.graydt.com/elco-craft-fair/
  Looking forward to being much better prepared for next year. Have been working on some new patterns and have no intention of hibernating this winter, I will be prepared! ha! =)


  1. Hi Andrea
    Glad to be your newest follower and I have loved reading your blog so far..be sure to pop by mine for a visit..♥

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