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2 Chics from the Stix Primitives
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

This things called "LIFE"

As I sit here for my daughters 2nd piano lesson, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on my blogging some. It’s amazing how much one can get done in 30 minutes time. I know there are probably more profitable things that one could be doing, but much like sewing and creating, writing is one of my secret loves, one that has been tucked away under hours of “life”…amazing how one loses themselves so quickly in our day to day tasks. This very thing :life: has kept me from my other love, sewing! With Christmas just 10 days away I find myself consumed with decorating the house with pretty lights and scented greens. Doing last minute shopping- planning and preparing for a delicious spread of food for the next days…Oh how I have forgotten how I love to cook, These last months being consumed with all things “creative” being up late sewing last minute creations, or just plain trying to catch up…*sigh* oh how my family has missed my home cooked meals, and I have missed preparing them for them. I guess I am old fashioned, it gives me great joy to cook a meal for my family and sit around the table at night, after giving thanks and just catching up on the days happenings. I have been tossing around some idea’s for a new pattern, but have yet to take the time to even write it down, lately I have been sketching cake idea’s with my soon to be 16 year old twin girls, as their (for me) all too soon sweet 16th birthdays approach. Amazing how life just keeps moving, with or without you- so each day I get up and make a conscious effort to be a part of this life, and enjoy it the best I can. Treasuring simple moments, even ones like these where I can take a moment to just “sit and smell the roses”. I think next piano lesson I might even bring a tablet of paper and design that pattern that has been rolling around in my head before it gets lost amongst the clutter J

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