2 Chics from the Stix Primitives

2 Chics from the Stix Primitives
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YAY for piano lessons!

Yay it's piano lesson time! The only time it seems that I have a moment to collect my thoughts and write them down here. I am using the dreaded netgbook- as it's amall size is perfect in the space i have, but always seems to get me backspacing more than I am typing. *sigh*
   Hubby has gotten the drywall up on my craft/ creation room,. I am soooo excited!!! He has been fabulous about it all, despite his busy schedule. I cleared out everything from one wall so that he could get in there better...wow I had NO idea I had that much "stuff" crammed into that small space. From materials to needfuls, it just seemed to be a never ending process when I was boxing it all up. I am feeling excitement and dread at the same time..I know just how much I will need to do to get this back together, but the excitement of being orgeanized is far greater!
  This past week has been a series of events that has made my life once again seem to be a roller coaster. The downs have suseeded the ups this weel. My Aunt Deb was hospitalized after having a stroke, while she was there she had s eries of mini strokes, and ended with a surgery to clear the build up of plaque that was causing this whole mess, but she is home now,and even was out shopping!! lol That's the Aunt Deb I know and love!! A client of ours passed away this week as well, he was a neighbor to my inlaw's, and was only 62, john, you will be miseed! Right after the news of John, my daughter came to me and told me of a school friend who also recently passed away from a car accident. That really hit home for us all, as he was the same age as our twins. Life sure can be tragic, but I have made the decision to make each day the best day that I can, no matter what the circumatances, life is too short to get caught up in the negative..Smile! It does the body good!!

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